How football tips are made

Footballs and foreseeing the outcomes – Are you ready to bet on the coming match? As far back as bookmakers started offering big deals on football matches, the bettors and punters have worried about the subject of how to foresee football outcomes and the errand of creating gainful football expectation frameworks and models. Well, if you ever to get prediction, about a football match never forget to visit

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Well, the main focus here is to discuss precisely about football tips and how they are made or predicted. For sure, 100s of methods may be employed but some of very easily and understandable are…

1. Weather prediction

While making prediction about the football match, we used to check statistics, injuries, team histories and players but what about the weather? For instance if heavy rain comes and flooded ground is seen, the point goes to that team who have physical strength rather than tactics.

2. Home away strategy

A very simple thought of the tipster, home ground advantage has got 80% success rate.

3. Statistical Analysis

A very broad though, very interesting and accurate way to analyse the result (Needs a complete another chapter to discuss it). Here, precisely speaking, ranking is the best among all, in which the ranked 1 team would be considered better than all.

4. Predicting Half Time/Full Time

Another difficult method but gives great prediction, this method is mainly employed between those teams in which one has the home advantage and the other is ranked top. Mostly it is roughly assumed that the team played better in 1st half could win but this is not always the case!!!

Other useful methods include:

– Searching for value against the favourite

– Predicting with exclusion

– Probability with luck method

How football tips are made

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