Private tours in Sofia: where to book such?

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Are you interested to see new places and to visit countries you have only read about? If so and if the Balkans are in the focus for you now, at, you have very good options. The beauty of the Balkan Peninsula, the interesting culture and languages, the nature and the amazing architecture and of course, the hospitality, are some of the reasons you will probably want to stay longer.

You can have a long trip, combining a lot of things to see in 6 countries and 5 seas, which can give a good taste of the Balkans and the atmosphere there. Depending on your wishes and your preferred places, you can choose the best offer for you. What about private tours in Montenegro: where to book such? At Sofia walking tours, you can have a look about all the great places in Montenegro and make the trip very easy.

Bulgaria is small country in the Balkans, but the nation is one of the tallest in the world. The interesting people, not because of their size, but because of their humor and their hospitality will make you fall in love. Choosing one of the private tours in Sofia, it’s good to prepare at least 7 days in order to have the chance to see more places. The best time to visit the country is between March and October and there is so much to be seen, so you can please all your senses. Have a more detailed look at and choose the best offers for private tours in Montenegro or any other Balkan country you like.