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Not everyone is into the winter sports and activities…

For example, there are people who go to the winter resorts only for the time when they are laying down in front of the fireplace and drink wine or hot chocolate. Or for the apres-ski places and the nightlife.

But there are people, who are waiting the winter with so much pleasure because love skiing and that kind of sports and activities.
The unforgettable experience that the wild can give us cannot be compared to anything else.

Ski rent Bansko

If you are from the second group of people, you definitely have to visit Bulgaria and our winter resorts.

Book your ski hire in Bansko and be ready for an exciting ski holiday. There are excellent ski and snowboard facilities, as well as a unique history and architecture of an old and new part of the town. Thanks to these features Bansko is a favorite ski and snowboard destination.

During the recent years, there was a multimillion investment in a brand new skiing area. Numerous new luxury hotels and facilities in the area of the Gondola lift station have been constructed, as well.

So, if you are wondering whether to come skiing in Bansko, stop and do it now. And do not forget to book everything before you go.

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