Virtual space for ski hire in Bansko, Bulgaria

Unfortunately, many people associate winter sports with big expenses and tell “it is a great drain on my purse” and decide to deny this pleasure without even exploring things in details. That is not the way it is! We work all year long with two days off (in most cases) per week so we deserve to relax briefly in some nice winter resort with a glass of red wine in hand in the evening and with the poles on the slopes during the day.

Get ready for winter season 2019 and have a great time in Bansko, Bulgaria. This is the greatest winter resort in the country with affordable prices for everything you need for skiing on

This website works like a virtual magazine for almost everything you need to know if you planning to go to Bansko. You can hire ski, full ski equipment, lift pass, snowboard, soft boots and accessories online with big discounts.

Virtual space for ski hire in Bansko, Bulgaria

There is a big lift in Bansko and you can go anywhere you want in the resort with it. You can book a lift pass through and save money and time on waiting on the long lines.

Take a look over the packages available on You can choose between different combos and pick the best one for your needs. Lift pass, ski and equipment or lift pass and snowboard or hire goggles and helmets. The ski shop offers everything for professional skiers and just lovers. There VIP ski and snowboard for advanced skiers packages including different gears.

Hire ski now and save 15% of the regular price. This what I call a real big deal! Contact them if you have questions on +359 894 663 102.